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  • SIGMA EF-630 Electronic Flash for Sigma

    The Sigma EF-630 Flash system is the latest in DSLR flashes from Sigma. Updated and enhanced, the EF-630 Flash uses an Intuitive user interface with a dot matrix LCD screen for improved menu visibility, D-Pad and dial settings controls, and easy one-click disengage function improve ease of use. The EF-630 flash is compatible with lenses of 24mm to 200mm focal length, making it ideal for wide angle and super-zoomed shots alike. For ultra-wide angle shots, photographers can utilize the built-in Wide Panel to cover an angle of up to that of a 17mm lens. Offering greater output of light, the EF-630 features TTL exposure control, high-speed sync, wireless flash functions, auto-zoom and bounce-flash, amongst additional features that make it ideal for many types of photography. Like all SGV products, the Sigma EF-630 can be connected to update it via the Sigma USB docking station for flashes.